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Disney Bounce House thumbnail

Disney Bounce House $200

13′ × 13′ × 12′ high

The Disney Bounce House is the perfect option for all of you Disney lovers. Covering a large spectrum of disney characters, children’s imaginations will have plenty to play with.

Scooby Doo thumbnail

Scooby Doo $200

“15′ × 15′ × 14′ high"

The Scooby Doo bounce house is well.. shagadelic with the Mystery Machine on top of the pillars this is sure to make every scooby lover’s dreams come true!

Castle Bounce House thumbnail

Castle Bounce House $200

15′ × 15′ × 14′ high

The Castle is the perfect classic bounce house option. With four inflated turrets and stylized parapet, children’s imaginations will have plenty to play with.

Toy Story thumbnail

Toy Story $200

“15′ × 15′ × 14′ high"

This Toy Story bounce house will bring back great memories to evryone of all ages!

Lime Castle Bounce House thumbnail

Lime Castle Bounce House $200

15′ × 15′ × 14′ high

Our Lime Castle is a fun bounce house with a bright color scheme, perfect for any party or event.

Princess Bounce House thumbnail

Princess Bounce House $200

15′ × 15′ × 14′ high

The Princess Bounce House will bring the happily ever after to any princess’s party!

Slide Combo thumbnail

Slide Combo $300

“31′ × 13′ × 16′ high"

Can’t decide between a slide or bounce house? Choose both with the Slide Combo. The 13-foot bounce castle is attached to an 18-foot-long slide, sure to please children of all ages.

Medieval Combo thumbnail

Medieval Combo $300

“20′ × 16′ × 16′ high"

Storm the castle with this 5-in-1 Medieval Combo; it has multiple ways to keep your guests entertained. There is even a basketball hoop inside!

Bouncin Barnyard thumbnail

Bouncin Barnyard $300

“20′ × 16′ × 17′ high"

Head for the barn with this 5-in-1 Bouncin Barnyard Combo; it has multiple ways to keep everyone entertained. There is even a basketball hoop and twister platform inside!

Castle Combo thumbnail

Castle Combo $300

“20′ × 16′ × 16′ high"

Storm the castle with this 5-in-1 Castle Combo; it has multiple ways to keep your guests entertained. There is even a basketball hoop inside!

UFO Combo thumbnail

UFO Combo $400

“37′ × 27′ × 18′ high"

This Slide Combo is out of this world! This unique inflatable is sure to grab attention and create excitement for your celebration!

Toddler Candy Playland thumbnail

Toddler Candy Playland $300

19′ × 19′ × 10′ high

This fun-filled inflatable is a kid’s dream come true. It’s perfect for the littlest of party goers, featuring several crawl-throughs and a slide sure to keep them busy for hours.

Toddler Zoo Playland thumbnail

Toddler Zoo Playland $300

19′ × 19′ × 10′ high

This animal-filled inflatable is a kid’s dream come true. It’s perfect for the wildest of young party goers, featuring an elephant crawl-through and a slide sure to keep them busy for hours.

Hippo Chow Down thumbnail

Hippo Chow Down $400

30′ × 30′ × 6′

Bring back your childhood memories in this lifesize version of a favorite game! Compete against family and friends to be the best fed hippo. NOM NOM NOM

Bungee Run thumbnail

Bungee Run $400

30′ × 12′ × 17′

The ultimate test of speed and strength, race your opponent to see who can place your velcro patch the furthest before your bungee pulls you back!

Bungee Basketball thumbnail

Bungee Basketball $400

“34′ × 9′ × 9′ high"

You and your competitor are attached via bungee cord, the goal is to pull against your competitor to make a basket in your hoop. The first to slam dunk or make their ball in the basket wins!

Human Whack-A-Mole $400

14′ × 14′ × 6′

This 7 player action game that brings Whack-A-Mole to life will keep all ages entertained for your entire event!

Cliff Jump JR thumbnail

Cliff Jump JR $400

“18′ × 12′ × 13.5′ high"

Have you always wanted to take the leap?! Now you can with our Cliff Jump JR!

Warp Speed Arena $500

14′ × 14′ × 9.5′

The Warp speed Arena will take you into the future and get your heart pumping as you battle your opponent to the end with multiple game options!

Wrecking Ball thumbnail

Wrecking Ball $400

“29′ × 29′ × 17′ high"

(4) Players climb atop their inflated pads. One of the players grabs the Wrecking Ball and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of their inflated pad. As the Wrecking Ball swings back, try and grab it! The player, who grabs it first, then hurls it at another player, trying to knock that player off. The last player standing is the champion.

Jousting Arena thumbnail

Jousting Arena $400

“25′ × 25′ × 5′ high"

Our Jousting Arena is a great addition to any party! Challenge your friends and coworkers to the ultimate duel!

Tropical Slip N Slide $400.00

37′ × 10′ × 12′ high

Our Inflatable Double Lane Tropical Slip N Slide will become a cool escape where everyone can race against their friends to be the first one into the pool!

Mega Obstacle Course thumbnail

Mega Obstacle Course $500

“45′ × 12′ × 16′ high"

This 45ft long obstacle course features a unique design, allowing you to race your friends side by side! Test out your speed and see who can make it to the finish line first!

16ft Dual Lane Slide thumbnail

16ft Dual Lane Slide $300

“23′ × 12′ × 16′ high"

Race up the steps of our 16ft rear entry slide to beat your friends to the bottom! Guarenteed to keep all ages busy for hours!

Giant Slide thumbnail

Giant Slide $600

17′ × 31′ × 22′ high

The huge Giant Slide is sure to thrill kids of all ages! While it requires quite a bit of space, this behemoth makes it worth it with a built-in climbing ladder and two big slides.

Rocky thumbnail

Rocky $650.00

31′ × 16′ × 22′ high

Our Inflatable 22ft tall water Slide will become a perfect escape where you can keep cool in this hot summer heat.

Leaps And Bounds thumbnail

Leaps And Bounds $800

“39′ × 21′ × 12′ high"

Test out your skills on the Leaps And Bounds Ninja training course!

fire Rescue Obstacle Course thumbnail

fire Rescue Obstacle Course $1,000

“36′ × 30′ × 20′ high"

Race against your opponent while you make your way through the fire and down the slide escaping out of the burning building!

Toxic Drop $1200

“78′ × 12′ × 16′ high"

Signature obstacle course featuring 7 unique obstacles: The Wedges, X Wall, Vault, Mangle, Blocks, Drop, and Slide. The Toxic Drop is sure to take your event to the next level!

Toxic Meltdown $1,500

30′ × 30′ × 10′ high

Compete against your friends and family on this 8 player inflatable game. With a mechanical center that moves 2 rotating beams at different heights, players must duck under or jump over to remain on their pedestal, or be knocked down until last one stands victorious! With adjustable speeds operated by staff, the toxic meltdown is a level playing field for all ages to compete and have a blast!

Whack-A-Wall thumbnail

Whack-A-Wall $150

8′ × 13′ × 7′ high

Whack-A-Wall is an awesome new inflatable game that combines speed, accuracy, agility, dexterity, fitness and FUN!!!!

Concessions & Other Equipment

Rent our must-have party equipment for the full experience!

Spin Art thumbnail

Spin Art $150.00

2 bay spin art machine includes 8 paint colors and 50 cards. Additional cards with frame are $1 each

Cotton Candy thumbnail

Cotton Candy $75

Includes the machine rental, a 3 lb bottle of flavored sugar floss from our delicious assortment, and 50 cotton candy bags. $25 for an additional 3 lb bottle of sugar floss and 50 cotton candy bags.

Snow Cones thumbnail

Snow Cones $75

Stay cool with our snow cone package that includes a 50 cones and your choice of flavoring. $25 for each addition 50 cones and flavoring. Choose from Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry or Grape

Popcorn Machine thumbnail

Popcorn Machine $55

Are you craving that movie theater quality popcorn? Add an extra level of awesome to your event! Pricing serves up to 50 people.

Pucker Powder thumbnail

Pucker Powder

Contact us for pricing and more information.

Generator thumbnail

Generator $100/day

Powerhorse 11000 watt generator

Dunk Tank thumbnail

Dunk Tank $200

Dunk your Grandma, your boss, your pastor, or your sister! Our dunk tank is trailer towable and sets up in a snap!

Wacky Waiving Arm Flailing Inflatable Tube Man thumbnail

Wacky Waiving Arm Flailing Inflatable Tube Man $50

Our Wacky Arm Flailing Inflatable Tube Men are sure to draw attention to your event or store opening!