Frequently-Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to use the inflatables?
It depends on the unit and your personal preference. Our inflatables are safe for children of all ages as long as properly supervised and assisted as needed.
What are the weight restrictions for jumping in a bounce house?
Great question! Our inflatables are in great shape and very durable. We like to limit the load to no more than 700 pounds in a bounce house at a time.
How many are allowed on an inflatable at a time?
That depends on the size of the kiddos. We like to try and keep the little little ones out while the big kids are in and vice versa for safety and it's more fun without looking out for the other. Refer to weight restrictions for a general idea for numbers, but whatever will be safe and fun for the kids will work if the weight does.
Is this thing gonna blow away like that YouTube video?
No. The longer answer is it won't because JP Party Rentals anchors our inflatables within the strict guidelines of the State of Iowa. We use steel stakes if on grass and dirt, and sand bags if on concrete or indoors. We also will not rent our units if wind is reaching higher gusts than 25 mph. It's just safer that way!
How much space will we need for an inflatable?
It depends on how much fun you want to have! Really if you have at least 15x15 feet of space, we can fit a unit at your location. The big boys require a bit more room, please refer to our inventory list for measurements. We are motivated to bring the fun to your event, so we'll do our best to make it work!
What are the rules for using JP Party Rental equipment?
There aren’t many, but they are important. Head over to our rules page for more info.